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Co-60 gamma spectrum

In this post I would like to present gamma spectrum of cobalt-60 radioisotope. This isotope has many industrial and medical uses, for instance in gamma defectoscopy, thickness measurement, tools and food sterilization or in radiotherapy. One gram of cobalt-60 has huge activity - about 44 terabecquerels (TBq). By the way, if one would hang around five grams of 60Co, he or she would obtain lethal dose of radiation under 10 minutes. There were some debates on construction of "dirty" atomic bomb

Measurement of Trinitite sample from New Mexico

Trinitite is a mineral of artificial origin resulting from the first atomic bomb blast at Alamogordo site in New Mexico (USA) on July 16, 1945. At high temeprature which occured in the epicenter of detonation, sand and rocks melted and mixed with products of nuclear fission. After solidification, glassy material known as Trinitite emerged. Even after more than 70 years since Trinity bomb explosion, material is mildly radioactive from products of plutonium
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