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Radioactivity in Lutetium metal

Lutetium is silvery grey metal element belonging to the group of rare earth metals (lanthanides) as its last member which closes it. Unlike some other lanthanides, lutetium is relatively stable at dry air, but is readily oxidized in humid environment and at higher temperatures. Lutetium has highest hardness (Brinnel - 893 MPa), density (9.84 g/cm3) and melting point (1663 °C) of the lanthanides. In the nature, it occurs as a mixture of two isotopes 175Lu and 176Lu with natural abundances

Measurement of beryllium-7 in rainwater

Beryllium is a steel grey hard and brittle metal with relatively low density, high thermal capacity and high sound conductivity. Due to its interesting physical-chemical characteristics, it has many uses in special materials used for example in aerospace applications or electronics. Main drawback of beryllium and its compounds is really high toxicity. For the beryllium, 12 isotopes is known. 9Be is the only stable isotope, the rest undergoes radioactive decay with half-life ranging from 5x10-21
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